As an experienced and passionated vocal facilitator, I work with individuals, bands, institutions, music companies and associations willing to improve their vocal skills, to set harmonious vocal arrangements, to support team building or to unite people of a territory. Together, we can design a custom-made framework for your needs, wishes and aims.

Languages spoken: french, english, spanish


performing arts : on stage

Music, theatre, circus, on the street, with or without microphone... Voice is often used intensively in a wide range of nuances. To strenghten your vocal technique allows you to use your voice healthly, to enhance power and flexibility while respecting your authenticity. For beginners to professionals


companies & institutions * training for trainers * sp eakers

Oral communication & public speaking

To cope with stress, emotions

and vocal strain

Team building :

collective, intercative and fun singing

  • To be expressive and embodied

  • To listen, to share, to transmit

  • To get in touch and create connexion with your public

  • To make your voice an asset

  • To prevent vocal strain

  • To develop vocal health

  • To express yourself and have fun doing it

  • To connect the members of a goup
  • To change look and to give aperspective

  • To do together and enhance tolerance

  • To support respect and understanding


Associations * festivals

For choirs, vocal ensembles, amateur bands and musicians... Also for public workshops in festivals


public authorities and Social-cultural actions

To highlight a natural, architectural or human heritage, to unite the actors of a territory, to encourage interculturality and social dialogue... Social-cultural actions through singing create links and connections between people regardless of age, social statuts, gender, education. Singing together has this great potential to facilitate self expression to go straight to the heart of our humanity. Therefore it breaks isolation, transcends differences and invites kindness, tolerance... and fun!


We've been working together:

- Groove & polyphonies in secondary schools (with Musique et Danse 44, 160 students in 3 secondary schools)

- Professional training for educators (Fédération des Amicales Laïques - FAL 44)

- Writing and singing workshops (with Nort-sur-Erdre council, library et and music school)

- Vocal technique and urban musics (Conservatoire Régional de Cholet)

- Backstage workshops (avec la Maison de Quartier de Méan-Penhoët et LMP)

And also: Trempolino, Larmer Tree Festival, Women in Arts, PYPO Production, Naïve


When singing serves social and cultural actions

Ouvrir le chant des possibles

Line Tafomat est vocaliste basée à Nantes. Elle intervient à l'échelle nationale et internationale